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Check, double-check and check it again is how Cantera ensures a quality concrete product for our clients. We inspect at every level of the placement process. Beginning at the subgrade level, tests are run and surfaces are checked for cleanliness, moisture and density. Quality concrete placement is about more than just making sure the concrete going in is of the right mix. Every aspect of the formwork is inspected, line and grade, grade nails, chamfer, keyway, block-outs, expansion joints, water stop, dovetails, and the forms themselves.

The Cantera inspection method integrates checks and balances so that the responsibility of inspection is not up to one individual. For example, the Cantera inspection method requires inspection and sign-off on rebar placement on multiple levels including, the Cantera installer, project engineer, superintendent and finally the project's structural engineer. Additionally, every single embed is inspected by Cantera staff and then by all of the appropriate mechanical electrical and plumbing subcontractors and finally by the MEP coordinator.

Our diligence to inspect our work continues down to the final pour. During the planning process the testing lab, city/county inspections and the final inspection are scheduled. At the time the concrete arrives at the site our seasoned Cantera staff take into consideration the quality of the mix provided by the supplier, the air temperature and weather conditions, and the delivery time from the batch plant to the actual placement time. Our experienced project staff considers all of the variables and makes sure that they meet the specifications set forth by the structural engineer. Anything less will not do, even if it requires refusing a concrete batch or postponing a pour due to sudden unforeseen weather conditions. At Cantera, we take quality control seriously and empower our staff to make sure we provide the very best service and product that can be offered.