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Preparation | Inspection | Documentation


Skill and knowledge is the preparation for success. We prepare our staff, we prepare our site, we prepare our testers and we make a project specific "Plan of Placement" with a goal of providing the highest quality service and product to our clients. 

Preparation starts before a project is even on the horizon. We prepare our staff through our own "in-house" training program, complimented by training offered through our industry trade associations. We enhance our employees' careers and their understanding of the entire concrete placement process by cross training. We want our project teams to anticipate, communicate and know their work inside and out.

Many times concrete placement is the foundation of a project and getting it right not only leads to our success, but the success of the entire project. This is why In our project specific "Plan of Placement" we assess the conditions, pour method, pour rate, mix design and quantity. We determine the placement method that will be the most efficient in time, quality and cost. We take into consideration access, placement of equipment, finish equipment to be used, personnel and contingency planning. We make a plan to make sure that the formwork will be constructed to allow pours to be executed in the safest possible manner.