Cantera Concrete Company



Safety is not only the most important aspect of our job, but also what we consider the ultimate measure of professionalism in our industry.  We are proud of our strict adhearance to maintaining a Safety Program that puts our employees first by focusing on education and prevention.

Cantera's Safety standards exceed those recommended by OSHA.  Before a Cantera employee ever sets foot on a project they are required to take part in our "in-house" developed Safety Training Program.  There they learn that each employee has the personal responsibility to themselves, their families, and their coworkers to work in a manner to prevent accidents.

Every single week, on every single Cantera job, meetings are held with the project staff by a Cantera Superintendent to address specific safety concerns.  Our program reconizes that every job is different.  A project specific "Accident Prevention Plan" is developed for every single job.  By anticipating potential hazards, Cantera's safety program focuses on prevention.

At Cantera, we believe that achieving excellence in safety performance is a required step along the way to overall operational excellence.  We know that superior safety performance is an increasingly important factor in competing successfully in today's marketplace.

We require all our employees to be actively involved in maintaining a safe project site and communication is encouraged to eliminate risks.